Cyber Security

The Industrial development and the birth of new technologies, Internet of Things, Cloud Computing, Software Defined Networking and Smart Technologies, increasingly require the access to information and a higher level of connection between systems, resources and people. This phenomenon that is constantly growing focus the attention on access and preservation of sensitive data.

We constantly hear of cyber attacks that are able to corrupt systems by eluding detection technologies and whose aim is to interrupt the services, the access to sensitive data and make revenue from data loss and cyber extortion.

It’s therefore necessary to define and update company policies to guarantee a high level of security for the protection of your own systems.

Becoming aware of the level of vulnerability of your business system is the starting point to begin a process of securing equipment and information.

By simulating attacks, CPU I-TECH offers targeted Vulnerability Assessment services in order to assess  the security level of a system or a network.



Convegno Nazionale AIIC

Vi informiamo che saremo presenti al XVIII Convegno Nazionale AIIC “La salute di domani, le tecnologie di oggi”, che si terrà a Roma dal 10 al 12 maggio 2018. In tale […]