A company’s information system in order to work at its best needs infrastructure, i.e. a stable hardware, solid networking, security and usability.

CPU I-TECH, with a dedicated engineering division, designs and builds networks and infrastructures at every level.

CPU I-TECH thanks to the partnership with the main leading technology producers such as Fujitsu Siemens, Fortinet, Zyxel is able to propose and implement turnkey solutions according to the requirements of customers:

  • Analysis and planning of networking infrastructures
  • Networking with advanced solutions
  • Firewalls, security systems and data traffic analysis
  • Data acquisition and follow-up systems


From the city center to the single building, site preparation studies and retrofitting  or ex-novo design, allow CPU I-TECH to offer to its customers high-performance plant solutions  by using the most advanced last technologies of the moment harmoniously integrated with all the systems already  present.